About Us

Budare is a new concept of the Venezuelan food in the Greater Houston area. It is a combination of the authentic Venezuelan cuisine flavors and the fast service and the warm attention that our clients require.

We have 22 different types of arepa fillings from a complex Reina Pepiada or Pabellon to simple arepa with white cheese or guayanes cheese. The “Cachapas” have been a success because besides the shape they have the same flavor as those made in Venezuela.

The soups are made the same day as served and they have that home magic touch that is difficult to find in other places.  Unforgettable drinks such as Malta Polar, Frescolita or Papelon con Limon. Pernil sandwiches and Venezuelan style hot dogs.

Little by little we have been including new flavors as natural fruits juices and other more locals as “patacones”  to make the clients feel as they are in their own land. So far people from other countries have enjoyed our food– even those born in USA. We have had good opinions from our clients, even from those who have tried our food style for the first time.

The space is totally comfortable. We always have music from Venezuela and Latin America artists, tourism and Venezuelan folklore pictures. But over all the generosity and the friendship that use to be part of all the Venezuelans for a long time. Anything you want to know about our country, please just let us know. 

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